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What is ReBuild Houston?

ReBuild Houston is the City of Houston’s initiative to improve the quality of life and mobility for residents of the city by rebuilding our drainage and street infrastructure. To support the initiative, the city has established a dedicated, pay-as-you-go fund to maintain the infrastructure, and to plan upgrades to meet future needs as the city grows.


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Find a Project Near You

Click on the map to find projects near you. Since its inception in 2011, ReBuild Houston has spent more than half a billion dollars on ReBuild Houston projects using a  cash-only model versus the previous debt model.

Scorecard 2016

Since the start of the program, ReBuild Houston has improved (both street and drainage) more than 900 lane miles across the City. This includes 573 lane miles of repair/rehabilitation and 349 lane miles of reconstruction.

ReBuild Houston's "Pay-as-You-Go" approach means projects do not start until there is enough money for them. So, though the initiative was approved by voters in 2010, the program was not fully funded until 2012. 

See the Latest Report for a list of all projects, past and future.

Drainage Survey

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Community Engagement

It is important that a community stay informed and have a voice in the planning, design, or construction of a project. To learn more about a project near you, or community engagement opportunities, check out Community Engagement for information about on-going projects.

Find a community meeting about a project near you.

Can't attend a meeting? If a meeting has been held, you can check out the Community Engagement page to find out more. 

Feedback from a community meeting will also be posted.  

Community Meetings

Magnolia Park Paving and Drainage
Date: January 24, 2017
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
Location: Magnolia Multi-Service Center
7037 Capitol St. Houston, TX  77011

Questions / Comments email:info.rebuildhouston@houstontx.gov